Accredited testing laboratory

Beginning with May 2010, ECO-POMIAR has introduced Quality Management System procedures in accordance with PN - EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 + A1: 2007 + AC: 2007, which was later used to create Accredited Acoustic - Environmental Testing Laboratory ECO-METERING
In August 2011 the competence of testing laboratory was approved by auditors form PCA (Polish Centre of Accreditation) and so we received the accreditation no. AB 1290 to perform 6 testing procedures in the area of acoustics Detailed information can be found on the PCA website or directly:

As part of the Accredited Testing Laboratory schedule the Laboratory is carrying out tests according to the following procedures:

1. Rooms in residential buildings, private and public use - noise.

Building Acoustics. Methods A sound level measurement in buildings. PN-87/B-02156 Acoustics in building. Protection against Noise of rooms in buildings. The permissible sound level values in enclosed spaces. PN-87/B-02151/02.

2. General Environment - noise from the installation, plant and industrial sites.

Appendix No. 6, the reference methodology to carry out regular measurements of noise in the environment originating from installations or devices except from pulsing noise, the Decree of the Minister of Environment dated 04.11.2008 on the requirements for carrying out measurements and measurements of emissions, quantity of water consumed. (Journal of Laws No 206, pos. 1291).

3. General Environment - traffic noise, railway lines and tram lines noise.

Appendix No. 2 of the reference methods perform periodic measurements of noise levels in the environment for road, railway, tramway, devices in the areas of ports and the criteria location of measurement points, the Minister of Environment dated 02.10.2007 on the requirements to conduct measurements of the levels in the environment of substances or energy managing the road, railway, tramway, airport, port (Journal of Laws No 192, pos. 1392).

4. Environment General - acoustic screens.

Acoustics. Determination of "In-situ" external effectiveness of noise barriers of all types of ISO 10847:2002.

5. Noise in the workplace health and safety.

Acoustics. Determination of occupational noise exposure to the technical method of BS EN ISO 9612:2009.

6. Wind turbine noise.

Wind turbine generator systems - Part 11: procedures for noise measurement BS EN 61400-11:2004 + A1 of July, 2006.